The hardest thing for me to get used to when we moved from Atlanta GA to Duck River TN was not being able to find my favorite foods at the grocery store and local restaurants. To my surprise, fresh veggies are hard to come by out here. Something as simple and delicious as goat cheese just doesn’t exist around these parts. There is one café on the square where you can actually order an espresso and get field greens in your salad but their hours are something like Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm. Not what you would call convenient or even considerate if you ask me. But then, people around here are content in life. They seem to like things just-the-way-they-are. Chasing the dollar isn’t part of the fabric of this little town.

The lack of a good meal was a big deal for me. I’m a restaurant person. I waited tables for almost 15 years and was used to eating well and healthy. There was a part of me that just couldn’t settle for the “meat and three” every day for the rest of my life. I wanted to support the local economy. It’s just that the local businesses didn’t really care if I supported them or not. So, in my desperation I began to think “outside the box” as they say. Looking back, part of me believes it was Divine Intervention or Fate if you will and the other part of me wonders, would I really have chosen this path for myself if I knew in the beginning how small farmers are regulated to the point they cannot survive or are marginalized at best; if I knew how the system works; if I knew I would eventually become an Outlaw.