Even as I write this I feel like somehow the party is already over.  By the time I’m finished writing, most of you will have moved on to other pressing matters leaving the old “Buy Local”, “Know Your Farmer” slogans to those who cared before Oprah told you to. I hope that’s the case because if it’s not then perhaps a new age is dawning in which resources, basic human necessities, are uncomfortably scarce. You may actually need to know me. And that’s…well not exactly a pretty picture.

Just a couple of weeks ago Middle TN experienced what they are now calling a 1000 year flood. Nashville made the national news with over 15 inches of rainfall in one day. Where I live which is about 50 miles South West of Nashville, the Duck River and all the creeks and springs feeding into it flooded, devastating our community. Folks all over the place were without running water, electricity, and telephone service for several days; some even weeks. It’s certainly something I will never forget. We were lucky. Our home was undamaged and none of us was injured. However, we had no running water for a solid week. With two humans, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 20 goats and 100 chickens this was slightly inconvenient. I couldn’t help but think that little more than a hundred years ago, this was the normal way of life for folks like us. Back then people knew how to subsist. They understood seasonal cycles. They saved seeds from the healthiest of plants for next year’s crop. They passed down life lessons through the generations in order to survive. But now much of that wisdom is lost. My gut tells me letting those skills slip away is a mistake and one we’ll live to regret in my lifetime. I hope I’m wrong.