I’m one of those do-it-yourself-ers. I think most farmers probably are. It takes a lot of self motivation, discipline, and resourcefulness to be successful in this line of work. As a do-it-yourself-er, I am strongly inclined to believe every able person should take responsibility for her own situation in life including making a living, educating her children, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Sounds simple enough right? But that’s not how we do it in this country anymore. Call me crazy but for the life of me I don’t understand why it’s the American Dream to go into debt for 30 years over a house that’s not well made, that’s WAY too big, and that sits empty ten or eleven ours a day with the A/C running while Mom and Dad are working there asses off to pay for it. Meanwhile, the children are in some other huge air conditioned building learning their life lessons from a virtual stranger.

It may sound like crazy talk to most of you but consider this. What if we lived within or even below our means so at least one parent was able to stay home. Maybe he could even educate his children at home. Think about it for a minute. The house would actually be used all of the time. The family could do chores throughout the day instead of always rushing to get things done and feeling behind. The family might have time (and room) to plant a small garden and raise a few chickens. The planet could take a deep breath and so could the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, not for one second do I think its easy to run a household, especially while home schooling. But I’m not going for easy here. I’m going for sensible.

Here’s just a couple of other radical ideas to contemplate. Get rid of your TV. It is a time wasting, money sucking, brain washing machine. Prepare home cooked meals and eat at the table as a family. Stop going into debt. If you can’t pay cash, save until you can. You’re REALLY not going to like this one: Consider NOT having children. There are too many humans on this rock as it is. Our population doubled just in the last 50 years and its going to double again in the next 30. Exponential growth is unsustainable no matter how many of us grow our own food.

I dream of a day when responsible citizens won’t have to keep “taking one for the team”; when hard work and dedication will actually pay off. My dream is one of a loner in good company. Its a dream conjured up by folks who value neighbors over government and ethics over the law. Its a dream dreamed by those of us who believe its a person’s God given right to pursue happiness, exercise the second amendment, and earn an honest living from her own backyard.