“How-Dee!” I could hear her shout as she smiled to me over the internet from her proud home on the Public Square in Centerville TN. There she stood, a life-sized bronze of Sarah Ophelia Cannon, known to most of the world as Minnie Pearl, decked from head to toe in typical Opry style. “Oh my God” I said to myself as I stumbled upon the official website of the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce where Cousin Minnie was featured. “There! I’m going to move there!! Look out Hickman County wherever you are…PLEASE don’t have a Wal-Mart…and by the way got any jobs?”

Update: Due to small town politics the statue of Minnie no longer resides on the square in Centerville. After a brief hold-up in a Perry County motel, Minnie was placed in the gazebo of a local winery…I like seeing her there as I am a frequent visitor but I sometimes wonder if she would approve of her new home. It just doesn’t seem the  proper place for a lady.