I’ve got some issues with vegetarians. I’ll just come right out and say it, knowing nearly ALL of my friends are some sort of vegetarian and I’m sure to tick off a few of my favorite people. That’s not my intention, but one thing I’ve noticed about vegetarians is a lot of them believe the only open minded folks in the world think exactly the way they think.

Having said that, I’ll get right to my point. So what’s with the never ending variations of vegetarianism? I’m sorry but fish are animals and if you eat them you are not a vegetarian. Same thing with eggs. It’s the placenta of an unborn bird. Not vegetarian. Deal with it. And what’s wrong with eating vegetables anyway? Most of the vegetarians I know don’t seem to even like vegetables. They much prefer cigarettes, chocolate, coffee, sugar, bread, eggs, cheese, yogurt, bread, veggie jerky, soysage, tofu nuggets, bread, potato chips, salsa, tropical fruit, bread…oh and fish.

Its not that I mind if a person wants to call herself vegetarian or BE a vegetarian if she in fact is one. What I mind is that it’s such a prominent issue. Personally I don’t go around telling the rest of the world what my eating habits are and what theirs should be. I don’t go around trying to make my vegetarian friends feel guilty because the soybeans that went into making their children’s lunch were harvested from the fresh grave of an ancient rain forest before it was murdered to grow soybeans for millions of veggie dogs.

And by the way, rain forests are more than just trees. Think about it. But what about the trees? Aren’t they worthy of mention? Are they not as or even more valuable to our planet than domestic livestock? I’m not here to make that judgment. I’m simply pointing out the folly in believing that somehow we can remove ourselves from cycle of life and death. It is impossible. Life lives on itself.

One of my vegetarian friends recently said “I don’t eat things that used to be alive.” Umm how does that work exactly? Yes you do because we all do and that’s OK.

PLEASE don’t hate me for sharing my thoughts on this sensitive subject because like most Outlaws I am desperate for the love of my dearest friends. I invite you to comment here. I am interested in your views and would enjoy a lighthearted meaningful debate on the matter.

Thanks for reading.