I’m feeling kind of guilty for giving vegetarians such a bad wrap. Maybe guilt played some small role in my earlier rant? It’s hard to be sure. One thing’s for sure, Guilt and I are old friends. Yes we go WAY back. So to clear my conscience, and to regain the respect of a few special friends, I humbly climb down from my high horse and offer this.

I confess, gardening makes me crave a McDonald’s #5 Extra Value Meal. Even worse, sometimes, I actually cave. Every once in a while, when I look at my 12 year old German Shepard all I can think is, “Man that’s going to be a big hole.” I ADORE booze and Cheetos, simultaneously. At this very moment there is a dead chicken in one of our nesting boxes. I’m waiting until my husband gets home so I can ask HIM to do something with the poor thing. I really have no idea how to run a farm. I am a fraud in that respect but none of you seem to care which is pretty cool. Thank you!

So who the hell am I to judge? Nobody, that’s who. I am no one to judge…

What I was trying to say is, ALL of us are locked into a frightening scenario when it comes to what we eat, even those of us who are vegetarians. The same companies raising cattle, pigs and chickens in concentration camps control the corn and soybean fields. Representatives from those few companies hold powerful positions in the FDA and essentially control the entire food supply (except what we grow ourselves). They make the rules to serve themselves. It’s that simple. And by the way, they are buying up successful small companies who cut their teeth in the “organic” foods market. There is no choice at the grocery store. (Information provided via Food Inc.).

In addition, with the growing popularity of farmers markets, regulators are successfully eliminating choice there too by making it impossible for local farmers to comply with their standards. What that means for patrons is that much of what is for sale at your farmers markets is not locally grown. (Information provided first hand experience).

So where does that leave the legitimate farmer and conscientious consumer? On the fringe, that’s where, like some sort of criminal buying and selling canned veggies, home baked bread, chicken, milk, eggs and cheese on the black market. Are we going to let “them” usurp the organic movement? Take away our investment in what our children eat? Funnel our hard earned dollars into their corrupt pockets? I’m saying NO. I’m taking the plunge, going out on a limb, and doing things my way, partially because the Outlaw Goddess is counting on me but mostly because… Well…? It’s fun! It feels good!!! And the people I’ve met along the way are really wonderful (aside from the unpleasant goat breeder) INCLUDING and probably most of all my dear sweet FABULOUS vegetarian friends (and also those selective eaters out there).