One of the first things I learned about farming is that I didn’t know diddley about every day life. Take the birds and the bees for example I thought I had that one pretty well figured out until I learned hens don’t need a rooster to lay eggs. Well duh. But there I was thinkin’ somehow that rooster had something to do with those eggs. Here’s a list of some other fun farming facts I was surprised to discover:

When a rabbit has babies its called kindeling. When a doe is preparing to kindle she pulls the fur off her belly and makes a nest with it.

The color of a chicken’s earlobes determines the color of its eggs. I didn’t even know chickens had earlobes. The ones with red earlobes lay brown eggs. The white lobed chickens lay white eggs.

Some  goats are born without horns. Farmers call this type of goat “naturally polled”. Turns out naturally polled goats tend to be hermaphrodites.

When a goat has a baby it’s called kidding. Twins are most common but they can have anywhere from one to four kids at a time. The weirdest thing to me is that the doe will eat the afterbirth if no one is around to take it away. Our dog loves it too.