Blogging is my therapy. This is a place I can say whatever the heck I want to say and if someone doesn’t like it too freekin’ bad. In fact I hope some of the things y’all read here make you squirm because that’s my job. That’s what the Outlaw Goddess has called me to do. Shake things up just a little. See if we can’t find and share better ways to treat the earth, raise our families and nourish ourselves. Some of my views, and the ideas I’m interested in exploring go against the rules because the rules are often ill founded, archaic, germ-a-phobic, power channeling, money sucking tools employed by the Good Ole Boys to keep the rest of us sick and stupid and to trick us into feeling we are somehow protected against disease and disaster because of them.

Blogging is like an open frontier. Anything goes. Here one can speak her mind without interruption. I can even control whose comments get posted. So far all y’all have made the cut. But I think it’s important I have the final say because after all it’s my blog. These are my rants and ramblings and this is my therapy. Besides, if you hate me or what I have to say there are countless other places for you to get your daily dose of someone else’s point of view.

Its sobering to realize the freedom I exercise here every day, my God given right to blog, is a gift worthy of sacrifice and bloodshed and one that requires such actions to protect it. Yes. I can blog because men and women have died on battle fields, protested in the streets, been beaten, arrested, tortured and murdered in the name of Freedom and the First Amendment.

The challenge is for each one of us not to take our freedoms for granted and not to let them slip away. The fact is free speech is constantly under attack. The media is pressured, squeezed and threatened on all sides. The climate for debate in our country seems more polarized than ever. The line between corporations and government has been blurred and the waters tainted. Mainstream media folds under pressure when threatened with lawsuits and the withdrawal of advertisers should real journalism uncover the ugly truths about  the oil spill, our economy, foreign policy, agriculture, our health care system, you name it.

Here, see for yourself. Check out this video that illustrates the power exercised by “agribusiness” over journalism in America. Please note, attacks on free press aren’t limited to the organizations involved in this particular example. I chose this story because it was handy, involves all the players, and contains important information about the dangers of bovine growth hormone, a drug commonly administered to cows in the US by industrial dairy farmers.