My husband’s brand new Ariens lawn mower he lovingly named Ruby has been sitting by the shed for weeks now waiting for a chance to show her stuff. Sadly, we have nothing to mow, only dried up clover that crunches underfoot. The goats are restless. We’re all waiting for rain but with the memory of the recent flood still fresh in our minds, we’re afraid to want it too badly. So in the evenings we water what has to be watered, the cucumbers and squash and every other night the tomatoes. Our Flat Back rain barrel stands empty at the edge of the garden waiting like the rest of us.

I wonder if we’re going to have another drought. Maybe we are having a drought and I just don’t know it.

At any rate, the chickens are going through 12 gallons of water a day. After weeks of hauling their buckets uphill to our water trough twice a day, I finally purchased a 75 ft heavy duty hose that runs halfway out into the field. It helps but I feel kind of guilty about using that much water.

In times like these, I wonder how things are going to pan out in the long run. I mean is this weather “normal”? First a flood and then a heat wave/drought within a two month span. Seems a bit extreme to me, but then  maybe I’m just reading into things. I’ll worry about this, as I drag out the hose to refill the chickens’ water, until the next big rain. Then we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief and return to life as normal in our little slice of paradise.

Here on the farm, there is no oil spill, no dying sea life, no ruined beaches. And I can pretend all’s well as long as the rain comes…but not too much.