I am The Outlaw Farmer and I am a baggie-a-holic. I have been using baggies for as long as I can remember but my habit has gotten out of control since I started gardening. I store all my veggies in baggies. Last year, one baggie was enough but lately when moisture condenses on the inside of the baggie, I’m compelled to switch my produce from the wet baggie into a dry one. This creates a very stressful dilemma. I want to wash the baggies out and hang them to dry so they can be reused. But there’s really no good way to do this because they never get all the way dry and the icky sour smell of stale water freaks me out more than the entire baggie situation. As you can see, I am suffering from some major issues here. I need an intervention. I want to get off baggies all together, move on to a different system that doesn’t involve the use of plastics to store my perishables. Can anyone help me?