I never imagined how much I would change when we moved from Atlanta to Duck River. I thought I would just get a waitressing job somewhere and kick back to enjoy the slow county life. Ha!

The reality is I have never been busier in my life and somewhere deep down, I’m not really the same person anymore. Farming has changed me forever. It has opened my eyes to how much we take from the world and how little we are willing to pay for “it”.

Consider a gallon of milk for example. It takes one of our does 2 days to give that much milk…one squirt at a time. Now imagine the dairy section in your grocery store. Think about it, all that milk and cheese and butter, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, butter milk, half and half, whipping cream…all of it was taken from an animal one squirt at a time.

Interacting with the animals on the farm, milking them, collecting their eggs, assisting with the delivery of their young, has connected me with the bigger picture and helped me understand the value of the services they provide.

Food doesn’t come cheaply or quickly. The impact of that lesson has motivated me to learn how to cook from whole ingredients, to grow as much of what I eat as possible and to find out more ways to make the things I need instead of just buying everything.

This quest has introduced me to the most amazing people. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m a part of a community and not just isolated in my little circle of friends. Along my journey, I stumbled upon a movement to get back to the basics. Finally I found where I belong, delivering milk, making soap, baking bread and connecting with real life.

Change is possible but not if all we do is vote for it.