Late last winter a friend lent me a gardening book. Well it was more about dirt than anything else…microbes, how weeds bring up needed nutrients from deep in the soil, and lots of other fascinating stories about the life of dirt. On more than one occasion I was brought to tears while reading it. Yes, I cried over dirt. It was kind of shocking and a bit embarrassing. So I got to thinking, there must be something wrong with me. I’m going through early menopause. I need some herbal supplements. Maybe I’m pregnant. Turns out I wasn’t pregnant and as far as I know I’m not menopausal yet. What I’ve learned since then is farming makes me cry. I’m not sure exactly why this happens but it’s not because I’m sad or depressed. It’s more like a spiritual revelation, an overwhelming realization that I’m in on a very special secret, or rather a whole host of secrets. It’s the Outlaw Goddess whispering in my ear, “Read, remember and live knowing this.”

And so it makes me cry as if I have been lost for a very long time and finally can find my way home.

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