If any of y’all know this man please tell him about my blog. If you have never heard of him do yourself a favor and read any or all of his books. You Can Farm literally changed my life.

Dear Joel Salatin,

Last spring I had the privilege of attending the Tennessee Organic Grower’s Association conference where you were the key note speaker and facilitated several work shops. It was an amazing experience. The venue was buzzing with excitement. There were college students everywhere. There were experienced farmers and beginners just like myself, all learning and sharing and planting the seeds for a better future. Your vision and ability to share that vision in such an accessible way is changing America and will eventually change the world. Your message gave me the confidence and inspiration to go for it, not to settle, and to follow my destiny with urgency and enthusiasm.

Thank you for all you are doing to teach people like me a different way to inhabit this planet.

Your are my personal hero!


The Outlaw Farmer