The other day I was checking out the comments on a post at It was a very in-depth discussion about who uses shower gels instead of bar soap and why. The author of the original post, Beth Terry, who created the blog to help herself and others get off plastic, was making the point that using shower gels generates more plastic waste. However lots of her readers, presumably folks who themselves are at least thinking about using less plastic, said they preferred gel over bar soap especially while showering at the gym.

This really struck me. I have never had a gym membership so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing but give me a freekin’ break! People still actually go to those places? And shower there too??? I just don’t get it. Normal people out there, who I am assuming are trying to leave a lighter footprint, get in their air conditioned car and drive to an air conditioned building while their a/c at home is most likely running to use a machine to get their body moving, burn calories and build muscle. This process makes them perspire and they are so uncomfortable with their own perspiration they have to immediately wash it off, there at the gym with their special shower gel? And they leave feeling proud of themselves for a great work out. Meanwhile their hot water heater at home is keeping 50 gallons or so nice and warm for the next time they’re actually there long enough to feel the slightest bit dingy.

To expound  an earlier rant and to shed some light on why I think gyms are so stupid, I’d like to point out something that sets folks like me apart from gym goers (other than flabby thighs). The thing is, as some of you know, I quit TV. Since then, after the initial PTSD wore off, I’ve started noticing how much control TV and advertising has over our daily lives. TV gets people to do unreasonable things like buy into a gym membership which leads to new workout clothes, new shoes, ipods, water bottles and new bags to tote the rest of that new crap around in. You get the picture.

Let’s think about some other ways we could approach this situation. How about never go to the gym again. How about take up jogging or walking or volunteer somewhere. Why not use those calories to do some good for someone else. Eat fewer calories and you won’t have so many extras to get rid of in the first place. Take up gardening. Adopt a dog. Workout at home in your living room. But if you must go to the gym suck it up and wait until you get home to shower or wrap your bar of soap in a washcloth for goodness sake.