This is my Fight Back Friday post of the week.

I’m from the south and I’ve been on the farm for over four years so I thought I knew just about all the quirky “thangs” folks around here say until yesterday. I was subtly bragging to a new friend about my husband’s blackberry wine (the wine I used in the rabbit recipe) and she asked me if it was “any account.” Sensing my confusion, she quickly followed up with “Well? Was it any good?” Next thing you know we were in her garage among bottles and bottles of fermenting fruit, some several years old. I left her place with a killer buzz and an added appreciation for country wisdom. She also gave me some great wine making tips but in the end its one of those things people will tell you they do “by feel”.

Disclaimer: Chances are this is entirely illegal so check your state and local ordinances before jumping in. And by all means don’t sell the stuff… no matter how hard they beg.

Take about a gallon of fresh picked berries. They don’t have to be good lookin’ or perfectly sweet. Crush them up in a crock and add about a gallon of water to it. Cover the crock with cheese cloth and let it sit there for about two weeks.

After two weeks or so strain out the juice and discard the pulp. You can do this by pouring everything through a wire mesh strainer or cheese cloth (my friend uses a large tube sock which I think is brilliant).

Next fill a 2 gallon container (she uses an old ice cream tub) with 1-2 inches of warm water and add one packet of yeast. Stir with a wooden spoon. Once the yeast has dissolved, pour your fruit juice in and add 2-31/2 cups of sugar (this is the by feel part). Stir real good.

Funnel the juice/sugar/yeast mixture into a one gallon glass jug. Then fill a bubbler (you can get one of these from any wine making supply place for about a dollar) with water and place it snugly in the top of your jar. Some folks use a balloon but I don’t recommend that method. In about 6-8 weeks the bubbler will quit bubbling and your wine will be ready. By the way, my friend also says not to take your wine off during a thunder storm cause the barometric pressure will turn it to vinegar.

Don’t forget to raise a glass to your favorite Outlaws and all who have fought to preserve Freedom and Dignity on this planet we call Earth!