Some may wonder how one can eat a pig and not a cute fluffy kitten.  To them I have this to say:

It is illogical to argue the point that non-vegetarians should be willing to consume any and all animal life simply because they chose to eat certain types of meat.  For example I don’t consider song birds a food item, or ground hogs or lizards or my dairy goats. I don’t see what the big deal is there. Would you eat your house plant? Or the bark from a tree or some endangered type of carrot?

It is also narrow to assume people who eat meat see no value in the animal whose life was taken to provide nourishment for them. I am thankful for and humbled by nature’s abundant resources and I respect those resources, especially the food I eat. I don’t consider what I eat to be otherwise worthless and or disposable and therefore relegated to become food. I just don’t think of food in that way.

The point to me is that it is unfair to assume those who eat meat are un-thoughtful about their food choices and are somehow being unkind to the planet and that the mere act of being a vegetarian makes one a better steward of the environment. That is simply untrue. There are 20 million people in Mexico City alone.  How could we feed the people of world on vegetables without destroying the world itself or decimating the human population?

My last point on the subject is this: Why does everyone seem to care so much about what other people eat or don’t eat? It’s a personal choice and NO it doesn’t always make logical sense. Much of what we eat is driven by our emotions, like most of what we do in life is. And I’m OK with that. So please, don’t question me if I chose to have a vegetarian meal; just because I’m not vegetarian doesn’t mean I have to eat meat 3 times a day. Please don’t question why I don’t want to eat my dairy goats. I don’t consider them food in the same way I don’t consider you food even though you are an animal and I’m sure you would taste quite good.