About 6 months ago, I started using what some call a household notebook but I call a farm notebook, and it has helped me accomplish so many goals as a wife, business woman and farm girl! My notebook has several tabs: Meetings/Goats/Chickens/Rabbits/Finances/Soap Business/Equipment…

Once a week my husband and I sit down for about an hour and go through each category. We take notes about our accomplishments and our goals for the next week. That way we are (almost) always on the same page.

Both of us use those notes, which we keep under the Meetings tab, to make our daily to do lists. Throughout the week we take notes in each category about what’s been done and what needs to be followed up on. For example, when I breed the goats, I flip to the goat tab and write down the name of the doe and the buck she was bred to AND when her due date is.

The notebook has been an invaluable tool for our marriage and our business. Plus its so rewarding to look back through the weeks of notes and see our accomplishments in writing!

So tell me, Do you have a household/farm notebook? If so how do you use it and is it helpful? Why or why not?