Recently I had the opportunity to attend a conference for women in farming and small business. I expected the workshops on marketing and management  but what I didn’t expect was an intimate forum in which several successful business women shared their stories of self doubt, faith, motherhood, natural disasters, community support, customer relationships and well facebook of course.

I couldn’t believe my ears, all this time I felt like a crazy person, obsessing over every detail of my fledgling soap company, feeling incompetent, frustrated and overwhelmed while simultaneously having the time of life. It is a strange reality sometimes but hearing other women share their experiences, I realized I don’t occupy this reality alone. In a way, I felt reassured and relieved that I’m not the only one… But then it was also kind of like wtf? will there be no end to the insanity?! These “successful” business women are obviously struggling with the same issues I am.

I walked away with some great tips on how to tell my story and how important that is in business. I went home and began the first draft of a press release about my soap farm, vowed to open a twitter account and made photocopies of all the important crap I carry around in my purse. Then I had an extra dry vodka martini, cried, laughed and fell asleep.