America’s story is just beginning. Our destiny has yet to unfold and in our future are infinite possibilities for greatness. In each one of us those possibilities are born. Sacrifices are and will be made at every turn. We need no reminder of that. Life has her way of letting us know these things. So when you hear our country’s “leadership” speaking of “shared sacrifices” stop and think about what they could be saying instead.

A great leader inspires and uplifts and directs the heart and mind of each individual to discover greatness within herself, not to dwell on disadvantages or handicaps.

How are we to carry freedom to other nations when we do not protect it in our own land? How are we to inspire and uplift the oppressed when we ourselves are subjects of oppression? We need to turn our vision inward, to heal and rejuvenate our spirit; to reform and rebuild and regain our credibility as a free and prosperous nation.

The challenge is to dig deep. Take advantage of each and every opportunity afforded us by the men and women who have gone before us to preserve freedom in this great country. Harness our talents; meditate on the positive and create peace and love in our homes. Give thanks. Give to those in need and accept love from others. Prepare for the rocky road ahead so that when hard times are upon us, we will remain strong against those who wish to oppress us. Beyond these troubled times lies America’s destiny. There are no limits to what we can achieve as individuals and thus as a nation.