Well shit, I’m getting old. I have flab and a bit of a beer gut and Lord-help-me a double chin.  Then there’s the fact that I feel guilty about all this. Can’t help it, must be the Catholic in me. SO, like a good farmer, I’ve decided to… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Yes. I aim to improve myself and tackle my most unbecoming qualities, beginning with the guilt thing. The way I figure it, its gonna be a whole hell of a lot easier to acquire other good habits after I learn to get rid of the guilt. That’s what they say on Zenhabits anyways. So the very first thing I’m gonna do is break the habit of negative thinking. I’m telling yall this because according to Zenhabits, its important to let folks know when you are trying to break a habit. Make it public and report on your progress. Seems like this blog is the best way for me to do that so, yall are gonna be my support buddies starting  Jan 1 2012. This is going to be a 30 day experiment and I’ll be blogging about it every day. Please stay tuned for my next post which will most likely be a written plan of action! Thanks for reading and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!