Happy New Year yall!

Hope you started 2012 out with a bowl of black eyed peas and collards. If not, try throwing a pinch or two in some scrambled eggs with a bit of cheddar cheese. It’s the best!

Well today is day 3 of guilt busting and I think its going pretty well. I am following the methods described on zenhabits.net mainly because Leo has used them to transform his own life. He got out of debt, quit smoking, lost 70 pounds, and created a career, all in just a few years! I’ve come a long way myself but I’m not finished yet. There is so much more growing and learning to do. That’s why I am dedicating this entire month to getting rid of negative thoughts.

According to Leo I need to write down my plan, have a mantra, identify my triggers and make it public. So here I am doing just that. My guilt busting mantra is “Squash every one!” I am going to squash every negative thought and replace it with a positive one. I have identified the things that trigger me to have negative thoughts. My two biggest triggers are procrastinating and getting ready in the morning.

Procrastination is a habit in and of itself. I’m not sure if I can tackle that one just yet so I have decided to eliminate one component of my morning routine that makes procrastinating really easy, SITTING MY BUTT ON THE COUCH.

I’ve also invested some time in figuring out why I hate getting ready in the morning. What I realized came as surprise to me. I don’t feel confident about my appearance anymore and I actually CARE how I look to other people. I want to be pretty (er). So I have taken a few steps to remedy this problem which will hopefully eliminate the morning blues. After a few hours on the internet, I now know what hairstyles flatter a round face, what colors look best on a winter complexion and what types of outfits flatter a pear shaped body. Armed with these helpful tips I will have a MUCH easier time squashing those negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones!

Avoiding the couch and knowing how to choose my clothes and makeup are the baby steps I am taking for week one of this project. I hope these two things will have a dramatic effect on my daily routine.

What is it that triggers your negative thinking? Any of yall super positive already? I’d love to know your good habits and your challenges too.