So far I have avoided the couch (in the morning) for 2 days which has freed up my time to make scrambled eggs for breakfast and say hi to the goats before leaving for the office (two VEREY positive activities). Getting ready has been kind of fun lately too. It’s weird how long I suffered with that one considering how easy it was to change. I think I didn’t want to care about my looks and so I thought that I didn’t…but in reality I do. It’s been an ironic lesson in self acceptance because I learned to accept the part of me that wasn’t happy with another part of me, which led to a few minor and relatively easy improvements and now all parts of me are getting along quite well. What a relief!

In addition to having a plan, Leo also says you should use visualization to help keep yourself motivated while changing habits. So here goes.

I see myself basking in the rays of positive energy…better yet I see those rays shining from within me out into the world. I am a light moving about on the farm, laying my hands on the backs of the goats, looking into their eyes and connecting with the cosmos within me and within them. I see this energy filling me with a passion to DO, to create, to be active, to come out of my bubble of lethargy and shyness and connect with the excitement of the universe! I see myself feeling alive all over and feeling light and free from worries. When a negative thought threatens these happy moments, I squash it! I SQUASH THEM ALL!!! And replace them with gratitude for nature’s beauty and the love of these dear sweet creatures.