Whoever says or believes printed newspapers are dead is dead wrong. Small towns just like mine all across America continue to rely on weekly rags for life’s most important information. In addition to the police report and legislative news we get to read who ate what for Sunday dinner, how many county officials have been busted for moonshining, births, deaths, and my personal favorite Letters to the Editor.

I found last week’s County Times particularly interesting because it featured an article about what state auditors discovered when reviewing our county’s accounting system (a term I use very loosely here). I would provide a link to that article but our newspaper doesn’t appear on the World Wide Web at this juncture in human history.

Anyway, turns out our sheriff’s department has some very creative accounting practices, including allowing inmates to carry the department’s cash deposits to the bank. Well, they’re understaffed said the sheriff and besides, the important thing to remember is none of the money has gone missing. Really Sheriff? And how could you possibly know none is missing in light of the fact the auditors also found your department doesn’t even reconcile the bank statements from month to month. “Well,” you say, “that’s because we recently switched from doing it all by hand to using the computer and the change over has got us behind.” OK, WHAT? You mean to say you just now this year began keeping books on a computer? And you let inmates carry deposits to the bank IN FRONT OF THE AUDITORS? Wonder what goes on there  all the rest of the days of the year when no one is watching.

In other news: Family drives 11 Hours to purchase rare bird, Free Zumba classes being offered, Unemployment climbs to 9.6%, and Hooded Klansmen Walked the Square.