This blog is intended to be an outlet for my unconventional and somewhat controversial views on living, health, and politics. At worst, I hope it serves  my urges to rant from time to time. At best it will chronicle the way of the renegade, the rogue, the independent thinker who chooses self fulfillment, freedom and health over dependency and oppression.

A dear friend recently passed this Outlaw quote my way. I couldn’t have said it half as good, but then again I’m no Tom Robbins.


“Ha ha.

“Victim? The difference between a criminal and an outlaw is that while criminals frequently are victims, outlaws never are. Indeed, the first step toward becoming a true outlaw is the refusal to be victimized.

“All people who live subject to other people’s laws are victims. People who break laws out of greed, frustration, or vengeance are victims. People who overturn laws in order to replace them with their own laws are victims. (I am speaking here of revolutionaries.) We outlaws, however, live beyond the law. We don’t merely live beyond the letter of the law–many businessmen, most politicians, and all cops do that–we live beyond the spirit of the law. In a sense, then, we live beyond society. Have we a common goal, that goal is to turn the tables on the nature of society. When we succeed, we raise the exhilaration content of the universe. We even raise it a little bit when we fail.”


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  1. Kyle-Renae
    May 20, 2011 @ 00:05:13

    You are awesome! Thanks for speaking up and We totally agree with everything you say. I cannot wait until I am free of the 9to5 idea so I can really live. Your blog inspires us! Reading your words makes me wish my family lives near you but we are stuck in Baltimore for the moment!


    • outlawfarmer
      May 20, 2011 @ 01:46:31

      Thanks for your sweet comment. Please find a copy of Joel Salatin’s book You Can Farm and read it asap! You really can do this thing. Trust me. Back in the day which wasn’t all that long ago I was a waitress in Atlanta GA and I really thought that was going to be my life. Honestly it wasn’t all that bad. But the thing is, I heard a calling. If you hear it too, well then its only a matter of time so enjoy your favorite things about Baltimore, really savor them… and then get the hell out of there!


  2. David
    May 21, 2011 @ 03:58:02

    Thank you for your post about Joseph Campbell. I thought you might be interested in my work on Jim Morrison and The Doors, as I see Morrison as an artist and shaman who ventured into the unknown and brought back great gifts for all of us. Many parts of The Power of Myth pertain directly to The Doors. Please see doorsgoldmine.com. Incidentally, Tom Robbins found his writing voice the same night he saw The Doors in concert in 1967.

    Here is his 30 year perspective and then a link to the original article. Be warned – the review is absolutely over-the-top and was the basis for a scathing discussion of The Doors by a historian who had never seen them.

    I was one of many young Seattlites who staggered, dazed but fomented, from Eagles Auditorium at the end of The Doors’ first appearance here. Back in my attic room, still partially stoned, I’m sure, from sources other than the music, I sat down around 2 a.m. to review the concert for the Helix, a local underground newspaper, and riding the wave of uncompromising, primal, poetic energy that The Doors had dashed against the reef of my brain, I broke on through to the other side. Which is to say, I finally found my voice. True, the resulting piece of impressionistic prose was a less than nature foreshadowing of my eventual literary style, and I cannot say with certainty that some of its phrases were not blatantly stolen from whatever I was reading that summer, but I wrote with a vigor, a freedom, a precision-within-aban-don that I’d heretofore never attained. My fire had been lit. Several weeks later, I began my first novel. Another Roadside Attraction, and never looked back.
    As for The Doors, I feel about them today much as I did when I composed the following review that wild July night thirty years ago: riff for riff, image for image, little red rooster for little red rooster, they were the most exciting rock and roll band America ever produced.

    Seattle July 1997



  3. outlawfarmer
    May 21, 2011 @ 11:48:42

    OK David, I’m intrigued. I had kind of forgotten about Morrison, The Doors and the influence they had on me in my youth. I was introduced to them in 7th grade science class by a new kid in school who chanted the lyrics to Hello I Love You at me. He and I became instant friends. Later that semester I purchased my very first CD, Best of The Doors. And now, reading this review from 1967 its painfully obvious I need to revisit them. I am grateful for the connections you have pointed out here between The Doors, Robbins and Campbell and for reminding me of how I met one of my best friends and discovered The Doors just before the bell rang one morning twenty years after that Seattle concert.


  4. kwongdzu
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 00:47:56

    Great blog! Agenda 21 has tentacles that touch everyone, and my husband and I are also trying to alert people about it. Would love it if you would email me, as we are trying to form a network of people who are interested in fighting against this threat to private property ownership and individual freedom.


  5. Rosana
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 21:57:53

    I maybe should be in another part of your website to post this, but here goes-“I had read pokeweed is a purgative (colon). I had ordered powdered pokeweed from the health food store. The owner there said pokeweed is in colon cleansing formulas. I will have to do research on retail powdered pokeweed like how it was made. I would think the manufacturer of powdered pokeweed knew what they are doing. Since I am unable to get fresh pokeweed, I am to use the powdered. Any thoughts on a person using powdered pokeweed as part of a colon cleansing formula? I am looking at activated charcoal. Slippery elm and marshmallow should be good. The last three mentioned; Dirk Yow used in his practice. State of Washington stole approx. $750,000 from his colonic business including taking his house.”

    Thanks for your answers ahead of time, Rosana


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