Take the Money and Run

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Whoever says or believes printed newspapers are dead is dead wrong. Small towns just like mine all across America continue to rely on weekly rags for life’s most important information. In addition to the police report and legislative news we get to read who ate what for Sunday dinner, how many county officials have been busted for moonshining, births, deaths, and my personal favorite Letters to the Editor.

I found last week’s County Times particularly interesting because it featured an article about what state auditors discovered when reviewing our county’s accounting system (a term I use very loosely here). I would provide a link to that article but our newspaper doesn’t appear on the World Wide Web at this juncture in human history.

Anyway, turns out our sheriff’s department has some very creative accounting practices, including allowing inmates to carry the department’s cash deposits to the bank. Well, they’re understaffed said the sheriff and besides, the important thing to remember is none of the money has gone missing. Really Sheriff? And how could you possibly know none is missing in light of the fact the auditors also found your department doesn’t even reconcile the bank statements from month to month. “Well,” you say, “that’s because we recently switched from doing it all by hand to using the computer and the change over has got us behind.” OK, WHAT? You mean to say you just now this year began keeping books on a computer? And you let inmates carry deposits to the bank IN FRONT OF THE AUDITORS? Wonder what goes on there  all the rest of the days of the year when no one is watching.

In other news: Family drives 11 Hours to purchase rare bird, Free Zumba classes being offered, Unemployment climbs to 9.6%, and Hooded Klansmen Walked the Square.


Soap Market & Goat Milk Info

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Great news for all y’all soap makers out there! According to Research and Markets brand spankin new publication:

The (US Cosmetic & Toiletries) market grew by around 2.8% in 2010 crossing US$ 36 Billion over the previous year…The organic and natural personal care sector has observed higher growth rate compared to the total market for personal care products in the US…In the current scenario, marketers are pressing their R&D efforts to develop greener products to satisfy consumer demand with sustainability becoming the prime focus for them. Locally made products or sourced ingredients are also gaining popularity…there is a large room for future growth in the US.  Continue Reading >>

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USDA fines Missouri family $90k for selling a few rabbits without a license


By Jonathan Strong

It started out as a hobby, a way for the Dollarhite family in Nixa, Mo., to teach a teenage son responsibility. Like a lemonade stand.

But now, selling a few hundred rabbits over two years has provoked the heavy hand of the federal government to the tune of a $90,643 fine. The fine was levied more than a year after authorities contacted family members, prompting them to immediately halt their part-time business and liquidate their equipment. Read full article…

June 2 protest planned for USDA $90K rabbit fine.

“Inmate Row” gives new meaning to outlaw farming

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Here’s an article I ran across yesterday in the Buffalo River Review while mulching my garden with newspaper (and getting a sunburn). Another perk of using newspaper mulch is you get to catch up on all the local happenings. This piece made me smile. Maybe I’m not such an outlaw farmer after all.

There was the coolest picture in the printed article and when I am able to find it again I will upload it here. It is of the jail’s scarecrow.

Vegetable Garden At The County Jail

Sheriff Tommy Hickerson and Chief Deputy Nick Weems want the community know that a vegetable garden has been started at the Perry County Jail. The garden will be maintained by both male and female prisoners who will be growing vegetables that will be eaten as part of the jailhouse meals, including cabbage, okra, corn, tomatoes, green beans, and squash. The benefits of the garden are that it will keep the prisoners active, they will produce fresh vegetables for their own meals, and it will result in cost savings for the county. See More…

I should be milking the goats but instead I’m blogging about free speech.


Blogging is my therapy. This is a place I can say whatever the heck I want to say and if someone doesn’t like it too freekin’ bad. In fact I hope some of the things y’all read here make you squirm because that’s my job. That’s what the Outlaw Goddess has called me to do. Shake things up just a little. See if we can’t find and share better ways to treat the earth, raise our families and nourish ourselves. Some of my views, and the ideas I’m interested in exploring go against the rules because the rules are often ill founded, archaic, germ-a-phobic, power channeling, money sucking tools employed by the Good Ole Boys to keep the rest of us sick and stupid and to trick us into feeling we are somehow protected against disease and disaster because of them.

Blogging is like an open frontier. Anything goes. Here one can speak her mind without interruption. I can even control whose comments get posted. So far all y’all have made the cut. But I think it’s important I have the final say because after all it’s my blog. These are my rants and ramblings and this is my therapy. Besides, if you hate me or what I have to say there are countless other places for you to get your daily dose of someone else’s point of view.

Its sobering to realize the freedom I exercise here every day, my God given right to blog, is a gift worthy of sacrifice and bloodshed and one that requires such actions to protect it. Yes. I can blog because men and women have died on battle fields, protested in the streets, been beaten, arrested, tortured and murdered in the name of Freedom and the First Amendment.

The challenge is for each one of us not to take our freedoms for granted and not to let them slip away. The fact is free speech is constantly under attack. The media is pressured, squeezed and threatened on all sides. The climate for debate in our country seems more polarized than ever. The line between corporations and government has been blurred and the waters tainted. Mainstream media folds under pressure when threatened with lawsuits and the withdrawal of advertisers should real journalism uncover the ugly truths about  the oil spill, our economy, foreign policy, agriculture, our health care system, you name it.

Here, see for yourself. Check out this video that illustrates the power exercised by “agribusiness” over journalism in America. Please note, attacks on free press aren’t limited to the organizations involved in this particular example. I chose this story because it was handy, involves all the players, and contains important information about the dangers of bovine growth hormone, a drug commonly administered to cows in the US by industrial dairy farmers.

Fight Back Friday July 2, 2010


Fight Back Friday July 2, 2010

Today I am excited to join Fight Back Fridays as part of a blog carnival hosted by foodrenegade.com. To do this, I posted a link on the Fight Back Fridays page to one of my favorite blog entries called Yes, I killed my Dinner. foodrenegade.com is an awesome source of information and a great place to learn about real food, what it is, how to prepare it and what it means to be a food renegade.

News? What News?


So is it wrong that I don’t really know what’s going on with the oil spill or any other world news for that matter? I mean at this point I get my news from facebook for heaven’s sake. Thankfully I have a diverse group of friends so at least I’m getting lots of points of view right? But my old friend Guilt here, seems to think I should be following along a bit more carefully. And perhaps I should but would knowing and worrying benefit the situation? I’m thinking not. Besides it’s not that I don’t care. It’s quite the opposite really. It’s that I care so much it hurts and I’d rather not put myself through the agony. The thing is I have grown to LOATHE the television and let’s face it, that’s where the news is. Oh sure I could subscribe to a newspaper of some sort or go online…but I guess I’m not that devoted to pain and agony.

The big story for me, the news of the freekin’ century, is there are just too many people and the inevitable consequence is we are destroying other species and depleting our natural resources. This is huge. I mean what other news is there? Oh yeah, that our economy is a sham, based on nothing, propped up by personal debt and the spending of fictitious money? That’s yesterday’s news. If you haven’t gotten a plan for it yet, you might want to start stashing a few garden seeds and brush up on your survival skills. Just sayin’. My strategy is to make changes on a personal level, pray (which I keep forgetting to do), and reach out to other people who are trying to make a difference.

So do I have to…should I be tuning in? Is there anything I can do as an individual to change what’s going on out there just by knowing about it? Of course. The answer is yes. I should be way more informed. But then I have to ask, who can I trust to give me the real deal? For now it will remain my good buddies on facebook. Cop-out or not that’s how I roll.