Political Ravings

“My dream is one of a loner in good company. Its a dream conjured up by folks who value neighbors over government and ethics over the law. Its a dream dreamed by those of us who believe its a person’s God given right to pursue happiness, exercise the second amendment, and earn an honest living from her own backyard.” —Outlaw Farmer

Reconsidering the American Dream

“I’m one of those do-it-yourself-ers. I think most farmers probably are. It takes a lot of self motivation, discipline, and resourcefulness to be successful in this line of work. As a do-it-yourself-er, I am strongly inclined to believe every able person should take responsibility for her own situation in life including making a living, educating her children, and living…Read Full Article

On the subject of the 300 lb pig and the kittens:

“It is illogical to argue the point that non-vegetarians should be willing to consume any and all animal life simply because they chose to eat certain types of meat.  For example I don’t consider song birds a food item, or ground hogs or lizards or my dairy goats. I don’t see what the big deal is there. Would you eat your house plant? Or the bark from a tree or some endangered type of…Read Full Article

Wimping Out

“Americans say we want change. But our actions tell a different story. We really want things to remain convenient. We want near instant gratification without having to work all that hard. We want to keep buying cheap food wrapped in plastic and to feel good about ourselves for recycling the wrapper…Read Full Article

Buy, Buy American Pie

Watch this video. It’s funny…in a kind of creepy way. I got the link from Hartke is Online.

I should be milking the goats but instead I’m blogging about free speech.

“Its sobering to realize the freedom I exercise here every day, my God given right to blog, is a gift worthy of sacrifice and bloodshed and one that requires such actions to protect it. Yes. I can blog because men and women have died on battle fields, protested in the streets, been beaten, arrested, tortured and murdered in the name of Freedom and the First Amendment…Read Full Article

Tough Love

“I’m cranky about certain things right now, namely where my hard earned dollars are being spent. I didn’t know the ins and outs of the mortgage industry but I had enough sense to divide my yearly income by 12 and figure how much I could afford each month. People got screwed during the housing bubble because they wanted to believe a lie…Read Full Article

The Poor Man’s Cow

“I am convinced by nothing in particular that world politics are carried out in a dark and lonely smoke-filled corner of the globe by semi-inbred ultra rich Good Ole Boys wearing hooded robes of some sort. They play a hand in everything from oil production to the latest episode of American Idol. And so it’s quite obvious to me why the goat has acquired such an undeserved reputation….Read Full Article

Yes, I killed my Dinner.

“People seem really weird-ed out about meeting their food face to face. It reminds them what they eat everyday used to be alive and that gets them thinking. No one likes to think all that much. It’s just kind of uncomfortable. So most people would rather go on believing chicken comes from Kroger, in a nicely packaged Styrofoam container….Read Full Article

I Confess

“I confess, gardening makes me crave a McDonald’s #5 Extra Value Meal. Even worse, sometimes, I actually cave. Every once in a while, when I look at my 12 year old German Shepard all I can think is, “Man that’s going to be a big hole.” I ADORE booze and Cheetos, simultaneously. At this very moment there is a dead chicken…Read Full Article

A Large Can of Worms

“So what’s with the never ending variations of vegetarianism? I’m sorry but fish are animals and if you eat them you are not a vegetarian. Same thing with eggs. It’s the placenta of an unborn bird. Not vegetarian. Deal with it. And what’s wrong with eating vegetables anyway? Most of the vegetarians I know don’t seem to even like vegetables. They much prefer cigarettes, chocolate, coffee, sugar, bread, eggs, cheese, yogurt, bread, veggie jerky, soysage, tofu nuggets, bread, potato chips, salsa, tropical fruit, bread…oh and fish…Read Full Article

Food Desert or Farming Community?

“Some whispery journalist on NPR recently informed me that I live in a food desert. “What the heck is a food desert?” I thought, so I kept listening. Evidently, a food desert is a special place where there are no “mainstream” grocery stores. Whoever thinks up things like referring to a farming community as a food desert…Read Full Article


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  1. dave
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 15:57:15

    Dear Outlaw,

    I arrived at your blog doing a search on Agenda 21, and the United States Green Building Council. I read some; and saw we share a lifestyle. Farm, family, loner, independence, and a “style” of thinking few comprehend – unless their life experiences include self sufficiency (sans conveniences).

    To my point.

    A new set of Green Building codes are proposed. These will be voted on in November at the International Code Council’s convention. These codes are onerous, expansive, costly, and service the UN’s Agenda 21. “Green” is not blue skies, clean air and water, and happy children holding fuzzy kittens. Green is another one of Those Things disguised as a benefit, that stands to alter life as we know it, and the joys we extract from that life, permanently, and in a manner that will permit the government to monitor our daily activities, our consumption patters, control our homes Environment and surrounding property, and fine and punish us… should we run afoul of government mandates.

    Personal preferences – home temperatures, energy/fuel choices, water use, site plantings…etc…

    All new energy supplies, water use (wells & others) new EL work, new PG work, New heating and cooling work, MUST be METER and tied to data distribution network so Big Bro can monitor what we do, when we do it, and how we do it.

    Sound excessive? Harsh? I promise you it is not. I ask you to consider writing about this information. I will fwd the information I possess if you are interested.




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